FluentWorlds Case Study

Users spent 6x more time in the app
and achieved sustained profitability

Meet FluentWorlds

Language learning, including online and offline, is a $56 billion industry globally and yet digital language tools represent a mere 5% of the total market. FluentWorlds’ innovative 3-D language learning products leverage the power of presence and interaction in simulated “real world” levels, creating a transformative new model on desktop and on mobile for language learning that is more engaging, more interactive and more effective for learning than other digital language solutions.


Upon launch, the FluentWorlds team learned users were expensive to acquire and were not spending money in the app.  Seemingly, there was no path to sustainable growth.


FluentWorlds used Hitsfu’s solution, Clairvoyance, to analyze over 15 A/B tests based on LTV predictions. As Clairvoyance identified which experiences maximized LTV, those experiences where deployed.


By deploying only those features that maximized LTV and spending on campaigns that maximized ROI, FluentWorld’s saw users spending 6X as much time in the app. Also, Fluentworlds became profitable on ad spend and has been able to sustain that profitability.


“Over the past few months, we have been able to dramatically improve retention.  The total time users now spend in our app is six times better and we couldn’t have done it without Hitsfu.  Within just a few weeks, Hitsfu was able to tell us which A/B tests were best for our bottom line.”  – Dr. Linda Bradford