Clairvoyance® enables outcome-driven decision making for app developers. Powered by the latest machine learning technology, it is capable of modeling user lifetime value (LTV), cost per install, and return on investment (ROI). Clairvoyance® leverages this modeling to perform analyses and send app developers an easy to act on daily report that breaks down LTV and ROI for app build versions, ad campaigns, and AB tests. With this tech at their fingertips, smaller studios can compete with larger studios, without having to hire a team of data scientists.

Easy Integration

Follow detailed steps to integrate with our services in minutes, not hours.

Simple to Use

A simple, prescriptive daily summary brings the insights to you.

AB Testing

Get access to the most robust and affordable AB testing system around.

Early Accuracy

88% accuracy on lifetime duration with only 3 weeks of data.


Our pricing model will show you quantifiable results before we ask for an affordable monthly fee.

Actionable Results

Know which ad channels provide the highest ROI and which features improve LTV.

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